It all started in October 2012 when we decided to make a clothing brand for women. Getting in touch with women around the globe we realized that no matter from which background they came they all wanted to look beautiful and unique with classic touch while following the current fashion. We provided them with numerous cuts and styles which make them our loyal customers. We distinguish ourselves by providing high-quality, comfortable yet affordable clothing for women of all ages and sizes


 "To offer designer wear with high quality at affordable price "


 Our planet, no matter how insignificant it may look in the great enveloping cosmic dark, is significant to us. It’s home, home to everyone we love, everyone we know. This planet sustains us and every creature we share it with. We don’t only survive here, we thrive. We get inspired. Every inventor and explorer, every artist, every seeker of beauty has been inspired by this spectacular miracle of nature. It overloads our senses with its splendor, vibrant shades, patterns and textures.
For ages and till now, many of us have taken it for granted, less appreciated and less protected. But it’s not too late to protect the nurturer, the source of our creativity, our home. We all need a healthy planet not only to live but also to inspire the creativity that derives from the fashion and design industry. The choice lies with us and that’s why, today in 2023, we are devoted to becoming a sustainable brand each day, for our planet.
At the inception of Luna, we asked ourselves how we can make ourselves more sustainable. Since then, we have been committed to learning and to change. The apparel industry has potential for development to reduce waste across the value chain, manufacturing, shipping and product packaging. With our thought-through plan of production using digital, technological and mechanical advancement, we produce just what you need. At Luna we ensure no human beings or animals are hurt due to their manufacturing practices. Our digital design technology enable us to curate with little or no sampling and therefore, minimizing inventory waste. We make sure products are sent away in safe, eco-friendly packaging on each step, reducing our footprint. Using a continuous holistic approach across the planet and our people, we create an environment that is safe, ethical, equitable, inclusive, and fosters growth.


Our social and environmental objectives have become more people-oriented as well as planet-oriented. Fulfilling our sustainability commitments manifests a big challenge which we cannot achieve alone and overnight. Therefore, it is our intent to engage with the global community to help evolve collective solutions. We have great faith in ourselves to be the ones leading the change in our local community. We envision the world to be innovative, thoughtful and an ethical place for fashion by adapting to more sustainable practices.